The Golden Teapot

The Golden Teapot

Did you know armagh's famous golden teapot now sits outside charlemont arms hotel?

The Golden Teapot was originated by James Irwin, in 1870, and he used it to attract customers to his family grocery store and café on Scotch Street.

It remained there for over a century until it was unfortunately damaged by an articulated-lorry in the 1990s.

In its dismantled form, it was donated to Armagh County Museum 20 years ago and has been carefully preserved in the museum’s climate controlled stores.

In more recent years, guided by a skilled conservator, works have now been completed and the teapot is once more ready to shine!

We were delighted when Charlemont Arms Hotel, and more specifically Turner’s Bar, was selected as the new official home for Armagh’s Golden Teapot.

As a local institution with a long history in the city, and deep connections within the local area, we love having another piece of Armagh’s history on our doorstep.

Luckily, this is something for all visitors to the local area, including our guests, to enjoy so please feel free to stop by and see a small slice of history over 150+ years old!

Come see this historic Armagh landmark right here at the hotel and grab a snap of the famous Orchard County icon.


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